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    "Moder Industry" is an Italian furniture factory, founded in 1998 in Russia. Primary purpose of which to satisfy demand for modern, high-quality office furniture that does not concede to European counterparts.

    Our company is a dynamically developing enterprise, which deservedly became one of the leaders of the domestic furniture industry, and continues to gain new positions on the market.

    Our product range includes more than 1000 items and allows to furnish workplaces of secretaries, staff as well as managers and top managers and to organize meeting zones and breakout rooms.

    Office furniture is not just furniture; it is business environment and expression of a corporate image. "Moder" factory perfectly understands it and presents for consumers constantly expanding model ranges, which are developed by famous Italian designers. Namely Italy recognized to be a global trendsetter and a leader in the furniture manufacturing.

    The main "trump card" of the factory is use of the best domestic and imported materials, advanced Italian equipment and technology, as well as work of qualified professionals, that together ensure quality of products and competitive prices.

    Damage-proof coverings, variety of colors, nobility of shapes and materials, high functionality and strict elegant design of furniture will certainly appeal to sophisticated buyers who appreciate real comfort and impeccable style.

    Constantly growing dealer network conducts promotion of our furniture on the market. Today it numbers more than 500 organizations, the most famous of which are "SOLO", "FRONDA", "EVROOFIS" furniture stores and etc. that have extensive marketing network all over Russia. We have developed not only a flexible discount system for our dealers, but also we provide exhibition samples of goods, professional advice on technical issues and support by providing promotional materials.






    Today, "Cambio"Company” JSC is one of the largest commercial and industrial enterprises on the Russian furniture market. The main business profiles are manufacture and sale of office and hotel furniture.

    The company exists since 1993. Its production capacity and marketing structures are constantly evolving and improving. More than 500 specialists work in "Cambio". A wide dealer network currently numbers more than 400 permanent partners throughout Russia and abroad. Technical equipment of the modern furniture factory, which started its work in 1997 in Moscow region (Klin town), constantly being upgraded, supplemented by the latest equipment. The equipment does not concede to the level of Europe's leading furniture producers.

    The work of our design bureau has been distinguished high Russian and international awards numerous times. In 2005, "Cambio" won "Style of the Year" award- a prestigious award in the field of style. “Cambio” factory was presented a Diploma and exclusive awards for production of "The most stylish office furniture."

    Since 2001, "Cambio" has been recognized one of the top five Russian leading manufacturers of office furniture. At the same time, there are developed new directions - manufacture of hotel furniture and supply of diamond woodworking tools (and since 2003 manufacturing).

    Constant growth of product range and volume of sales are maintained by our own warehouse program and unique system of a well-functioning service. From the very beginning, a complex approach to customer service is one of the main principles of "Cambio".

    There are stores of “Cambio” which successfully operate in Moscow and Moscow region. In order to supply our buyers with furniture all over Russia and foreign states there is a developed dealer network. The company's achievements in the development and optimization of the sales structure were highly appreciated by experts of the Business Support Fund (the Netherlands) and by "Rating" Information analytical agency - the organizers of the Annual National Award in Economic Development "Leaders of Russian economy."

    Currently successfully operates a program of creation of regional distribution center, the purpose of which to make "Cambio" furniture open up to consumers in any region of Russia and foreign countries. Since 2007 there are stores of “Cambio” factory in Russia.

    The company plans to strengthen the existing dealer network in Russia and expand exports. “Cambio” continues to develop the product range: now there are being developed new collections of office and hotel furniture.



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